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It all began with my frantic fumble for a man who had held my hand like an Angel and led me to the Gateway of a wonderland – The Kingdom of Kishore Kumar. It surely was the world of virtual reality where there was no pain, no suffering, no tears, and no fears: just the Rainbow-coloured songs of Kishoreda. As if the Almighty had painted a parallel world just for the two of us. And then Ashishda was gone alongwith his family. His sudden departure was certain to sadden me. Life continued its course leaving me a parentless married man with hoards of constant stresses wearing different masks to knock my door at regular intervals. Exhausted, I started gasping for avenues to tranquil myself and then finally hit upon this recliner. I beg to inform my esteemed readers that some of the pictures picked by me are from the internet and may contain copyright hiccups but most of them are from my own painstaking collection & creative expression. Thus my humble urge to all concerned, whatever pictures I’v pasted on this writeup is purely for the sake of enriching an extraordinary human who had set foot on this earth only to spread the message of love to humanity through ethereal melody. My love’s labour bears no crooked intention but even then I’m asking your forgiveness in case this compassionate content turns out to be a cause of contempt. Finally, a factual confession: People will copy Mukesh, Rafi, even the most intricate Sufi but no one will ever be able to copy Kishore Kumar. He will remain the inimitable star that emerges once a millennium.

I’m pleased to quote herewith excerpts from an incredible ‘Bhutnese sonnet’ this gem of a gentleman below next to me composed titled MING-GI-GOEDA DEBEODA GOEDA-GI-SIK-ME:


“YAMAHA motorbike, Faksa chikha phin

                                Alu-pukur-chukurdhum, Takdhina-dhin-dhin.

                               Romtokto Jamtokto Simtokto mee

                                               Gatokto Otokto Ngientokto ee."

Date: 12th January, 2013                                                                                      Shuman Chatterjee

Published on the auspicious occasion of Swami Vivekananda's 150th Birth Anniversary, popular as NATIONAL YOUTH DAY


Image of the text as captured originally from my FB page

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